Transform your store
into a digi kiosk

Transform your store into a digi kiosk

Boost your business potential by empowering your customers with Digi Khata's financial suits

In a rapidly digitizing world,Digi Khata offers a transformative opportunity for retailers to grow and thrive. By becoming a Digi Khata Retail Partner, you can convert your regular retail store into a Digi Khata Official Retail Kiosk, and usher your customers into a future of streamlined digital finance.


Get more from your retail store

Get more from your
retail store

Recurring Revenue

Facilitate and earn more with commissions on every digital account sold,orepaid card distributed, and customer transaction.

High Earning Potential

With the potential to earn up to 50%commission in revenue share, you could seeincome of up to 1 Lakh per month

Dedicated Support

Enjoy a seamless partnership experience with a dedicated distribution with 24/7 support tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive Training

Receive the ultimate sales enablement kit,including extensive franchise training to boost your sales

Increased Customer Engagement

As a Digi Khata Retail Kiosk, your store becomes a financial hub, attracting customers and boosting sales.

Strengthen Community Bonds

Promote financial inclusivity in your community, to grow your business and build stronger customer relationships.

What you can do

Become a hub for a suite of financial services

Become a hub for a suite
of financial services

Drive digital inclusivity by selling digital accounts to your customers.

Provide customers ease of payment solution by distributing prepaid cards.

Ensure smooth account activations by verifying new account holders.

... And let your customers enjoy the convenience of financial management

Get a commission on every signup

The more signups you secure, the higher your earnings. So, start spreading the word and watch your profits soar!

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