Know More About Digi Khata

Know More About Digi Khata

Digi Khata, a byproduct of PayPoint's vision, is a thriving platform making financial services accessible to all, and empowering local businesses across India's diverse geographical expanse.

Since 2008, PayPoint has laid the foundation for Digi Khata, a thriving entity now pivotal in bringing financial and payment services closer to every Indian. Our journey has cut across India's diverse geographical landscape, building a robust network of local retailers from all 28 states and 8 union territorie

communities, one
transaction at a time

Our evolution from a mere payment service to a comprehensive financial platform reflects our commitment to making a difference. Every month, we help millions of customers navigate their financial journey with confidence and ease, making us more than a payment service - we are a reliable partner in their financial lives.

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Our progress is rooted in our deep understanding of the local businesses that power our network. By offering them opportunities for growth, we create a ripple effect that positively impacts their communities and customers. Our focus extends beyond transactions, as we strive to empower these small businesses and enrich the financial lives of millions.