Jun 18, 2024

Digi Khata Launches NCMC Metro Card: Revolutionizing Digital Payments in India

No Fikar! Digi Khata Metro Card is Here - Your Ticket to Travel

Digi Khata introduces One Nation, One Card, is a government initiative to combine different transport payments into one card. You can use the NCMC card for metro, bus travel and others, this makes it a handy tool for everyday use.

Digi Khata has introduced the Metro Card to support India's move towards a cashless economy. Using advanced technology, Digi Khata provides a smooth payment experience for all your needs.

The NCMC card helps you avoid the trouble of carrying many cards and cash. It combines different payment functions into one card, making it easier and safer for you to manage your money and make payments quickly.

Tap & Go at Metros with the New Digi Khata Metro Card

1. Buy your Digi Khata Metro Card from Digi Khata App.

2. Visit the Metro counter and request activation of NCMC (first-time only)
3. Use the app to add money to your Metro Card.
4. Tap your card on the "Balance Update Machine" to sync the balance.
5. Your card is now ready for seamless travel!

 "With just one card, seamless travel across all public transport systems is now possible."

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Digi Khata Metro Card – Your Ticket to Travel.

Digi Khata's commitment to innovation is further exemplified by its offerings in digital account opening. With a focus on providing seamless and hassle-free services, Digi Khata enables customers to open free digital accounts online with instant account opening capabilities. The integration of instant UPI account creation and the ability to create UPI IDs online further enhances the overall banking experience for users. These initiatives underscore Digi Khata's commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers in the digital age.


The launch of the Metro Card by Digi Khata marks a transformative moment in the evolution of digital payments in India. By offering a unified, secure, and convenient payment solution, Digi Khata is paving the way for a cashless and inclusive economy. As more people embrace this innovative card, the benefits of digital payments will become increasingly evident, driving India towards a more prosperous and connected future.